Watch it Again

I have big passion for film.

I am currently pursuing a minor in Film Studies. Which is not the same as film production. Film studies is where you learn to analyse the film, the type of shots and framing choices, the development of the story, organization of events, and other aspects of the film itself. It ranges from the theoretical topics, historical context of film, to the critical approaches to the medium.

This is a very famous shot from Touch of Evil. You may not be able to place your finger on what makes this shot so majestic, but let me help you. This is called a tracking shot. The camera is tracking the movements of the car and later on Charleston Heston without cutting! The whole scene is one shot without any breaks from the action. By seeing this entire sequence play out without any interruption it adds to the suspense of the bomb.

This scene with Jason Bourne fighting against the assassin Desh is filled with adrenaline and action goodness. But how does this scene convey that message? With the use of the steadycam (the parts where the camera is shaking) lets the viewer feel like they are Jason Bourne. There are moments where the steady cam and a POV shot is used to actually make you Jason Bourne! When he is fighting against Desh, the camera is using tight shots. Which is when the two assassins in the frame are really close together to give the viewer that cramped feeling. All this combine with the seamless editing of the continuity of the actions give this scene its action packed vibe.

That’s a little taste of the beauty of film studies.