Trying to Play My Ukulele

Growing up I played a variety of instruments including drums, saxophone, and the tabla (Indian hand drums). However, I never stuck with any of these instrument long enough to be really great at them.

After changing schools and meeting some of my really close friends to this day a lot of them play a musical instrument really well. These guys made me determined to play an instrument again; more importantly play it well!

Two years ago I bought myself a Ukulele. I figured with only four strings and a compact size it would be a perfect starting string instruments. I am currently learning the various chords and trying to play a few tabs on it.

I am mainly teaching myself using online resources. Check out a full list at the end if you want to learn too.

If you have any resources you think I should know about please leave a comment.

I neglected my Ukulele last year, but this semester I am devoting a lot of time to it. Hopefully soon I can play like this guy:



Resources (This site got me started) (great for tabs) (Tabs) (Can’t say much about this site; haven’t used it to much) (cool concept for a site, play along youtube videos, but I haven’t explored it much) (Chord Chart) (online Ukulele community)